Wednesday, May 28, 2014

From the Whispers

I'll readily admit I've been missing online most of this month. It has both been a conscious effort and an unintentional consequence of anxiety.

As far as things go, I will say it has not been a slow month in any respect for me. I've gotten so big news and am proud to share it with all you lovely people. I've been accepted to speak at TWO (2) separate conferences this summer into fall. I'll be at AACC (Association for Autistic Community Conference) and at OCALICON (Ohio Center for Low Incidence and Autism Conference).

I've also been busy spinning fire and getting back into the swing of grad school. I'll be bringing back a lot more to this blog (including some guest bloggers) in future weeks as I'll be getting ready for an epic summer.

For more information on my AACC presentation, check out the link below!