Monday, September 22, 2014

Vote Early!

So I've been M.I.A. from this blog for a bit, but things will change. I know I say that, but this time things are actually working out in my favor. I'm going to be in a position that will allow me to work on my passion projects and bring this whole awesome thing to the next level.

Speaking of the next level....


If you are a member of the Autism Society of Maine, I would greatly appreciate your vote to the Autism Society of Maine Board of Directors. This is HUGE for me and it would be a great honor to work with families, professionals, providers, educators, and legislators to make a positive change to the residents of Maine.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Show me and Grow Me

 I've already begun to think about a presentation I am doing at OCALI this year. It is a poster presentation (SPOILERS: It'll be interactive!!!) about How to Grow A Healthy Person. I made it not only Autism-centric because one thing I've learned is what works for one person can work for many.

I have a plant named Henrietta, I've mentioned her before. Some people may also know I've been growing lots of things this summer, or trying to at least, with mixed results. Being the Garden Witch and going traveling leaves (hehe) my babies anxious. Coming back in August, I had to do some serious Tender Leafy Care to see what could be saved. I grew a potato! For those who don't think that is impressive, my relatives struggled with growing potatoes  in Ireland a while ago and they were much better at gardening than I am.

My proudest thing right now is of this, my Lemon Balm. I only really identified it yesterday because it was not labeled. It was not labeled because when I first planted it, it did not look like things were going to make it. Growing thriving plants from seeds is difficult for even experienced gardeners at times and this is seriously the first time I have tried to grow things. As a child, my mother would have a section of the garden which was mine and I know if she had not watered it it would have been mulch. 

You can never see how tall our plants will grow until they are finished growing. We never know how mighty we will grow until we are given the chance to fully thrive. If I had given up on this little cutie, I never would have seen him bloom. It just wasn't his time to spring up until I got back. He waited for me and knew I needed to see him. We needed each other.

In some cultures, Lemon Balm represents the balance of Yin and Yang energies. We cannot fully have the light if we do not know the darkness. From the little seed I planted, he is almost all that remains of the original 200+ seedlings in April. He is the balance I needed to show me I have done good. I have brought life into this world. Hearing so much negativity, anger, hostility, gossip and pain causes me to falter. It would make anyone question what is real and what are just hushed stories people tell each other.

I know what is real.
This lemon balm is real.

It takes time.