Monday, December 31, 2012

Insert obligatory Death Car For Cutie lyric here

When I was growing up, I always had a few routine items on my resolution list.
  1. Make my bed every day.
  2. Get a boyfriend.
I wish I was kidding, but it was true. I must admit, I did fall in love this year and it took me a few months to realize it. Of course everyone else could see it was love. My love was called Portland and it has made me so happy I can't even articulate it.

When I was younger I learned a shark must keep moving or else it is unable to breath. One of the greatest creatures in the world must keep moving, even if it has no clue where it is going. I can't say with 100% certainty I know where I'm off to, but I'm excited if the coming year is anything like the last one. I found a post from the beginning of this year about my resolutions and I'm pretty proud of myself. I had some major health issues come up this year, but I am pushing forward and not making excuses for myself.

Just to recap:
  • I've grown up and become more of an adult than I thought possible. 
  • I faced a few big fears and learned that things aren't so scary when friends are by you.
  • I fell in love with a beautiful town on the ocean. 
  • I can't pinpoint when, but I stopped being so harsh on myself and I'm happier for it.
  • I am going to reexamine my career goals.
  • I still can kick butt in a nerf gun fight and my zombie costume collection has expanded.

But most importantly, I'm going to remember that I'm only a kid and I'm supposed to be pretty clueless sometimes. The world is bigger and more beautiful then most people seem to realize; I only recently opened my eyes more fully. If you want something in this world, you can find a way to get it.

If you are my friend on the book of Face, you see all of my uplifting posts about how great my life is. I have made the choice to view life that way. Trust me, I could so easily complain about everything being wrong or all the idiots in the world clogging up the drain but I don't. So as the new year comes remember to be kind to yourself, take risks, and fall in love.


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  1. I love this post Brigid and I am so glad you fell in love with Portland enough to stay. It is a great city but it is even better with you in it!