Thursday, June 26, 2014

Everything In!

As I'm getting closer to leaving for my Midwest adventures, I'm getting more and more back into my groove. The funny thing is I never really had a groove to begin with, so this is quite entertaining.

On Tuesday morning (ish), I'll begin my trek to Ohio where I'll be teaching a short summer film camp. At this camp, the instructors are all on the autism spectrum and they will be teaching people on the spectrum. How amazing is that! I'm still a bit in shock that in less than 2 weeks I'm going to be an instructor. I'll also be speaking at two Autism conferences before making my way back to Maine to spin fire, of course.

So the next few days Tuesday I'll load up my car and relocate myself for a month.

I'm not sure how some people would react to this, uprooting their life and completely shifting everything for a month, but it's not the worst thing in the world for me. The worst thing for me really is a 9-5 steady job doing the same thing every single day. So this is the adventure path I'm on.

I'm not afraid, except of all my plants dying in my absence, I'm actually very excited.

I'm on this career path and my biggest struggle is not to get too overwhelmed. I addition to all of my fun work related activities, I'm also still a full-time graduate student. In fact, I'm writing this blog instead of one of my papers.

I'm trying to get better at not swamping myself with work, but it is a learning process. It takes times and I need to learn to be more patient with myself. So the next few weeks I get to hermit myself away for a bit, when I'm not having lots of fun, and work on some big things.

Make sure to stay tuned for lots of awesome updates!

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