Friday, October 10, 2014

Us against the world

I don't remember what I was talking about to my psychologist when he asked my mother to come in at the end of our session. He sat us down and explained that he had 'concerns' about how we viewed the world. This was around the time my abusive father was getting booted out of the home, right before or after my amnesia inducing traumatic brain injury, while in highschool hell, and with all the awkward issues of puberty. His concern was that we had an "(us) against the world mentality."

My mother is so much like me that we were completely confused as to what his concern could be.


My family has been through hell. We survived abuse of many forms, poverty, life-threatening medical conditions, and still face the world with a kind heart. We laugh at ourselves because otherwise we'd miss the best jokes. My mother raised me to be nice to every creature and treat everyone with respect.

She is my rock and best friend.

So today is her birthday. I wish her many more years of making art, cuddling with cats, and our epic phone conversations which have a habit of beginning "I just need to rant for a second." For many of my friends, she is a surrogate mother offering advice or just a witty remark. She knows life is not always fair, but we can make the difficult choice to spread love and not dwell in the negative.


Yes, it has been us against the world for almost my entire life. The good thing is we have welcomed people into our close circle and the US has grown. So "US" against the world is not the worst thing in the world. The worst thing would be to think you are entirely alone against the world.

I have my mother; I'm never alone.

If you are interested in her Etsy page, check it out here!

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