Friday, January 8, 2016

Homemade Weighted Pads (with pictures)

I LOVE my weighted blanket. It was a gift to myself for my birthday last year and even though it was bought from a seller on Etsy, it was still expensive. The homemade option sometimes seems daunting and involving way more sewing skills than I have. Below, you will find a very simple set of instructions to make your own inexpensively.  Some of these ingredients, like dishcloths, can be purchased at dollar store or thrift store.

TIP: Make sure you like the feeling of the cloth if you are making this for yourself. Also of note, I used rice for this activity but dried beans also work.

I'll post more on modifications after the activity.

You will need:

1 Dishcloth (I prefer 100% cotton)
Hot Glue gun and hot glue sticks
Bag of Rice
1 Bowl
1 Cup/scoop like tool to move rice


1. Plug in Hot Glue Gun in a safe location.

2. Lay the dishcloth on a flat and clean surface.
*Note* You will want to work close to where the glue gun is plugged in.

3. Carefully open bag of rice and pour into bowl.

4. Scoop rice onto dishcloth until you have the weight you want.
I ate most of my rice this week, so this is NOT the amount you want to use.
*Note* You will still need to be able to fold over the dishcloth so the sides meet so don't overfill it.

5. Fold over the sides, either length wise or width wise, so they meet.
Rice is still in there!

6. Carefully seal the edges using the hot glue.

A finished one (with a LOT more rice in it)!

Using a dishcloth is a simple way to make a lightweight pad. You can use it on any body part as a way to apply deep pressure. If you want to make some different ones or heavier ones, check out the modifications below.

If you want to make a heavier one using MUCH more rice than a standard dishcloth can hold, use a pillowcase! Reinforce the opening of the case by sealing the opening, folding the opening over and sealing the fold with hot glue. I prefer to put these inside a second pillowcase, with the seal facing inside, to add an even greater level of reinforcement.

Some people may want to add essential oils, such as lavender, to increase the relaxation effect of the pad. Add a small amount of the oil to the bowl of rice before you add rice to the bag.

I'm still working on seeing what other non-food items can be used to make these as I have an idea to use metal washers, but I haven't done enough weight/price comparison to see if it is beneficial.

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