Thursday, August 16, 2012

One of those days

This is one of those days where it is a challenge to be nice to myself.

I like comfort food, it is very...comforting. I don’t always act like an emotional eater, but today I’m kinda losing faith in humanity. I got these cinnamon covered pretzel things with icing, but I couldn’t even eat them all. They were so GROSS. I couldn’t stand to keep eating them.
So I should pat myself on the back more for that. I just thought that I could get out of this CRMA class and head to the gym before my night shift. NOPE. I am currently too upset to work out. Normally I could channel my energy to running, but not today. I went from Amazonian angry to Eeyore depressed with the world in half an hour while my oil was getting changed.

One step forward and... yeah.

I took a class today that will certify me to handle medication in a residential setting. Also, I get fancy initials after my name. I expected the class to be all about medication interactions, drug dosages, ect. Instead I got to hear a terrifying story of the instructor once flashing the town pervert when she was 15 years old  and getting off the school bus with her friends. Like, SERIOUSLY?!

Some people said that they did learn something in the class. They learned we cannot force the disabled, elderly, or you know anyone we work with, to take medication against their will. YES, people have choices in the year 2012. GAH!

So yea, I’m in a bad mood and taking it out on food. I’d rather not, but it’s better than yelling at people for being idiots.

A food journal!
I do kinda hate those, but I need to get back in the habit of really looking at what I am eating. It does work.

Until next time!

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