Saturday, September 14, 2013

A world with less hate.

The inequalities of reciprocity
have confused me, endlessly.
Some take the bone from their mouth to feed the poor
while others make the bones shiver with their cold stares.
I can't be alone
seeing the masses gather without a home
hurts me so much.

By isolating ourselves
and putting our hearts on the shelves,
we forget our membership to the world.
Labels and foibles and microwave dinners keep us apart.
Forget my origin and my stats
I'm just human,
or at least I'll pass.

We strike out to others to avoid the blows,
when all anyone really wants is a comfort everyone knows.
To feel accepted and loved for who we really are
that destination should not have to be this #$%ing far.
Why must we hurt others to make our own hurt not show?
The math doesn't add up; only down below.

I think people need to throwout the precal algebra calcu-what's it
and remember what we learned back before we were told to learn.
Be happy, be loving, and that will grow.
Stand up tall and smile to someone you don't know.
Love doesn't need math because exponents are too small,
too small to fully describe the power in us all.
So let the love shine brighter than the sun
so maybe there will be less hatred for everyone. 

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