Saturday, November 30, 2013

Greetings from St Louie!

Last night I arrived in St. Louis to stay at a friend's place and leave early this morning for the trip back to New England.

It's nighttime and we are still in St. Louis at the City Museum.

Things for me don't always go as planned. That's life!

I've recently tried to let go with some of my stresses and enjoy the unplanned moments even more. Some of my favorite moments in life have been the ones I did not plan. These are the moments we share with friends and those moments which create friends. Most of my life has been a series of walking into the right door at the right time when I had no idea what was behind the door. I try my best to plan out some of the bigger things in life like my job and where I am living, but even these things are not always in my control.

So take a deep breath and try not to stress when things do not go the way you have planned. It is entirely possible the plan you thought was right for you is not the plan you are destined to have right now. We don't always get to see what the universe has planned for us, but we do need to have a little faith in things.

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