Sunday, April 6, 2014

The path of special interests

I've mentioned special interests before, but they are worth another specific mention. Special interests can help provide the blueprints for the future by focusing on a specific passion. Not everyone goes to college, it's not the right path for achieving every career goal. There is a reason why vocational programs still exist in this day and age. There is a good life in hard working trade jobs.
One of the greatest things about the internet is how connected we are to people of all interests from around the world. The best, and sometimes worst thing, is when we search for something online we can usually find it. This means there are other people in the world who love vintage cars, solar flares, sweaters for cats, potato chips that look like presidents, and many other random things.
With special interests, it is important to recognize them and nurture them. They will change over a person's life, but after awhile you might notice some similar themes tying the interests together.
I started out life wanting to study animals like Jane Goodall. The idea of observational research, or learning about things without actively participating, really interested me. I stopped that path (temporarily) in college to work on Psychology. Now, I knew there were sometimes chemical reasons for people's behaviors. Embracing acting and writing as a profession ties things together nicely. I can now show people stories about the human condition and the many different people who live in our world.

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