Sunday, November 9, 2014

Alone but not Lonely

As winter approaches, actually it's here, people couple up. Perhaps it is something in our genetic structure clinging to another warm body in the cold night. Perhaps it's because people find thermals sexy. Whatever the reason, this is the time of year when people hibernate with a mate, or two.

When it comes to family reunions over cranberry sauce or turkey, the subject of relationships will always come up.
"So Brigid, trapped any guys this year?"
"Nope, they all chewed through their legs and escaped."*
*Yes, my family is a filled with snarky wonderful people.

I'm not at that age yet where people start to whisper concerned behind my back about me becoming a spinster, but I am at that age where people expect me to date around. I don't know why. Maybe people think being in your mid-20's means living in a romantic comedy. Heads up, my life is more like a Lifetime movie than anything starting Katherine Heigl

So unless Keanue Reeves suddenly comes to woe me, I'll be holidaying for one again.
But I'm okay with this.
I'm not lonely. 

See, the type of relationship I want is like my friend Allison's. She is dating her best friend. He's a science nerd, despite how many times he tells me what he is in school for I can't understand it, and she is a writer. They have their own lives with their own friends and adventures. When they come home at the end of they day, they are two separate people who are improved by sharing a life with the other person. That's what I want.

I've seen people become couples and compromise who they are on an individual level. For some, they become a stronger unit. I've seen couples come together and go against the odds with their partner by their side, something not possible if they were trying on their own. For many people, they end up building resentment for what they 'gave up' in the relationship.

I was talking to a younger friend this summer who had a similar experience with relationships. We both are so involved in our work, we don't even notice people vying for our attention. The daily texts of "Good morning, Beautiful" go unnoticed by us as we crunch to make deadlines and are so involved with our passions. We seek a partner in crime, someone who can join us for adventures but then go on their own adventures without needing us. I'm a firespinning autism advocate finishing up grad school. I know there are people who can fit into my life and I'm going to look forward to finding those people.

You know, after I get back from the Midwest.

Hey, I'm busy!

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