Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It is not okay to kill your child

"Well, I can understand..."

"Well, she was under a lot of stress..."

"We can't judge..."

"We can't know..."

If you read my letter to Alex, you know it really affects me when parents murder their Autistic children. What also contributes to the issue is people who come to the defense of the murderer. I will say that even though I did not birth him, I still acted as my brother's parent growing up. He may have been an unholy handful at times but I'd sooner kill myself than him.

The discussions that are not happening are about the other options for the parents besides the extreme. Extended family visits are an option and, in some states, abandoning your child is also an option. In situations where there is another parent, say to them "I'm going to a motel for a weekend to sleep and read by myself or I may kill our child."

This is not happening to deaf children.
This is not happening to diabetic children.
This is not happening to children born with degenerative medical conditions.

It is autistic kids who continue to be murdered.

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