Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sing loud and make music

To change gears onto happier subjects, I'm going to talk about music today. Music has always been an active part of my life. I was raised listening to everything from opera to jazz. Even with that preface, the first CD I ever bought for myself was N*sync. Before buying a CD, I had tapes and a tape player. As a child, I would record my favorite songs on the tapes and listen to them endlessly.

With the brain damage, music has become an old friend I am getting to know again. When I was younger, I could sight read lots of music and understand how things were supposed to sound. Now I once again become familiar with measures and beats. Things have a way of working back into our memories. The muscle memory of keeping time is still there. I still know the first verse of "Somewhere over the rainbow" but can't play it without tearing up.

I had the chance to see the musical Stomp when I was younger and I've since rewatched clips. It just perfectly highlights something my parents were trying to teach me. Music is everywhere. Music is a part of life.

You know those songs that perfectly capture the mood you are in. How it seems cheesy that a pop singer in her 20s can perfectly describe your marriage, but its true. We have the ability to share our stories through music and relate to others in a very personal way. Researchers once did a study finding one song could actually impact our whole mood. The power of those verses is not something to underestimate.

Songwriting is not one of my many talents. I can't put words to melody, at least not without the help of my friends, but I strongly admire those who do write songs. I can write powerful poetry, but the music lingers in my head like a friendly ghost. For me, I'll stick to singing them and appreciating the hard works others do.

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