Sunday, January 11, 2015

My kingdom for a shovel.

I bought a shovel last week.

Now, for most people that may not be anything remarkable. However, I live in Maine and have lived in Maine for almost 4 years. Before this, I went to college in Iowa. Although Maine has significantly more snow than Iowa, I've never lived in a place unfamiliar with the wrath of winter.

So for the past 3 winters, I have been shovel-less.

If you are familiar with the winter weather in Maine, also known as the tundra, there is a lot of snow as early as October some years. This year it was an actual thought process to get a shovel because I've...ahem...improvised solutions for the past 3 winters.

Unique ways to dig a Prius out of snow (besides using a shovel).
  • A cardboard box
    • Pro: Easily flatened for transportation.
    • Con: Soggy.
  •  The top of a tupperware container.
    • Pro: large surface area to get snow off.
    • Con: When it breaks it gets very sharp.
  • A Case.
    • Pro: Useful when  there is absolutely nothing else avalible.
    • Con: Not sturdy
  • Crouching down and digging yourself out in a city.
    • Pro: Can be a lot of fun if you have time and think of it like uncovering a huge prize.
    • Con: People think you need help and look at you like you are crazy when you tell them you are having fun.

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  1. I'm glad you were prepared this year. I live in Minnesota and while I have a shovel I also have a husband who uses it - that is the best tool yet! Happy New Year.