Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Year Later

This time last year, this was a huge week of my life.


Monday afternoon I was sitting in my car having lunch between art modeling jobs. I was thinking a lot about moving up to Portland, but had not really done any research. I was spending so much gas and time commuting, the move was inevitable. So I causally check on Craigslist, also the place where I've found almost all of my jobs, and decide to call people about the listings.

Wednesday afternoon I decided to head up to look at about 5 different places which all had leases beginning soon. Actually, I was going to look at every place online. The first place I looked at was right downtown without parking nearby. The second place I looked was an apartment building managed by a woman I was in a theater production with the year before. I fell in love at first sight and nothing else could compare.

Friday I took a lunch break at work to run over and sign the lease. With the keys in my hand, I had my first apartment.

Saturday night I sat around my unfurnished apartment when a friend came over to bring me a footstool she did not have room for and we sat around before heading to a friend's holiday party.

Now I sit in my decorated apartment, typing on the same footstool and waiting for the same friend to go to the same party, preparing to say goodbye to it in a few weeks. I look at where I've been and where I am going; I almost don't recognize myself.

This year I fell in love, got hurt, and learned relationships are not a one size fits all box.
I lost over 40 pounds and have made huge strides in taking care of my health.
I just completed my first semester of Grad school.
I stepped back from my full time job to focus on other career goals.
I became a business partner in the amazing Dark Follies.
I gave a solo presentation on my passion at the Autism Society of America conference.
I began to take writing way more seriously.
Through the support of my friends, I removed a lot of the negative influences in my life and have become way more confident in myself.
I did lot of traveling to see old friends, family, and meet new friends and family.

Things change and grow, it's the nature of the universe. I'd be lying if I said I was not afraid of what is right around the corner. I could never imagined the wonder of my life this past year and even though I have plans for the future, plans change. New things are always popping up and I'm very much one to go with the flow of things.

I've been putting the pieces of my life together, or at least trying, and I want to thank everyone for their patience with me. I also want to thank every one of you who takes the time to read these posts. You have been along for this journey and I could not be more grateful for the support. Thank you.

So even though we have a few more weeks left of the year, I'm already preparing for 2014. I blew 2013 out of the water so let's get pumped about what's to come!

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