Monday, December 2, 2013

The people you meet

I've spent the past 3 weeks traveling around via Prius and reconnecting with people who mean a lot to me. I've spent time in Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and I'm on my way to Massachusetts right now. I am aware of how cheesy it is to say, but the more I travel the more I see some of the same things.

What do I mean?

I see people falling in love and sharing a chaste kiss walking down the street.
I see fathers beaming with pride as they walk down the street holding their young daughter's hand.
I see the business employee who has been worn down, but tries to keep their appearance up.
I see performers who put their heart and soul into their work.

Traveling recharges me like nothing else. It restores my faith inhumanity and lets me take a step back to see the beauty all around me. I get to walk into a place where I've never been before and meet people I may never meet again.

I'll be coming back with lots of ideas and thoughts buzzing around my head.

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